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Modern Minimalist Bridesmaid Card Template, Personalized Bridesmaid Card, Bridesmaid Infographic, Boho Bridesmaid Card, Bridesmaid Ask Card

Modern Minimalist Bridesmaid Card Template, Personalized Bridesmaid Card, Bridesmaid Infographic, Boho Bridesmaid Card, Bridesmaid Ask Card

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Enjoy 60% Off when you purchase 3 or more items. ***Discount will be applied directly at the checkout***Introducing our exquisite Bridesmaid Proposal Card – the perfect way to pop the question to your closest friends! Crafted with love and attention to detail, this beautifully designed card features a stunning photo on the front, capturing a cherished moment you've shared with each bridesmaid.

Front Design:
🌸 Personalized Photo: Cherish the memories with a customized photo of you and your bridesmaid. Select a special moment that holds sentimental value and let the image speak a thousand words.

Back Design:
🎨 Infographic Fun: Turn the card over to discover a delightful infographic detailing the wedding journey. From the aesthetic to bridal showers, this visually appealing graphic adds a touch of whimsy to your proposal.

Why Choose Our Bridesmaid Proposal Card?
🌈 Customization: Personalize the card with your choice of colors, fonts, and messages to make it uniquely yours.
📐 Perfect Size: The card is designed to be the perfect size – not too big, not too small, just right for your bridesmaids to cherish.

After purchase, you'll receive an email from our web application partner, Templett; an online editor that allows you to personalize your templates from your computer without installing any software or fonts.


⭐️ You will need a desktop or laptop to access!

Customizable templates for the following items:
• Card- 5x7" Portrait

∙ Text
∙ Font
∙ Font Color
∙ Background Color
∙ Add your own images

∙ PDF - Professional or at home printing
∙ JPG - Professional printing

• Add to Cart & Purchase
• You will receive an email instantly from Templett with a link to access your template
• Click on the link to access your template, and start editing
• After editing your template, save and download
• Print using your home printer, or through a local copy store, photo center or online print store

• 👉 PRINTS OF LOVE - Download your file as a PDF with the 'bleed' option selected. We suggest you request a proof to review the layout before sending to final printing. A sample will be perfect for printing just one card. Reach out to Prints Of Love with layout assistance.
• 👉LOCAL PRINT SHOP (Staples, Office Depot, Walgreens Photo Center, etc) - Download your file as a PDF with the 'show trim marks' options selected. Have them print on card stock and trim on the lines.
• 👉HOME PRINTING - Download your file as a PDF with the 'show trim marks' options selected. Print on card stock that is at least 100 lb. weight. Note: Some home printers do not support borderless printing. Check your printer settings for the borderless printing option if you are purchasing a design that prints outside of margins.

IMPORTANT: ALWAYS be sure to proofread and double-check for any spelling errors before downloading and printing your items.

✅ This purchase is for a Digital Item-NO Physical Items will be shipped.
✅ This is a DIY template; final editing & printing will be done by buyer.
✅ This item is for "Personal Use" only. File Sharing or Commercial Use Not Allowed.
✅ All sales are final.

• The purchase of a template from The Guest Whisperer is for ONE-EVENT USE ONLY. You may personalize, save, and download your template an unlimited number of times before the expiration for proofing purposes ONLY. Creating multiple versions for various projects or events is NOT permitted. Branding materials may be used for your business but cannot be resold.
• The viewing, printing, or downloading of any content, graphics, or templates from TheGuestWhisperer is solely for your personal use and not for republication, distribution, sale, or other use. No part of any content, description, or template may be reproduced in any form.
• TheGuestWhisperer reserves the right to revoke access to any template if the user fails to comply with the terms and conditions.
• © Copyright TheGuestWhisperer. Please do not copy or replicate items seen in the shop or any part of the description.

Please message me if you have any questions!

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